Udita Pal

Founder@SALT| Dog Mom | Author | Forbes 30U30 Asia

Hey there! I'm Udita Pal, the founder of Salt, a cross-border payments platform that's simplifying the operational and banking experience for global businesses

My journey started with an insatiable love for reading, which led to co-publishing my first novel at 17 and publishing my solo book by 19. This passion for storytelling and the internet launched my career, and I've never looked back.

I've spent nearly a decade in the Start-Up industry, collaborating with over 35 Start-Ups globally. From Brand Management to Product Marketing, I've played various roles in helping companies grow from 0 to 1.

Salt is designed to make global trade smoother and more efficient for Global businesses. We offer a digital-first, automated platform that simplifies banking, documentation management, and workflow automation for businesses. Our services support transactions in 13 currencies and include features like automated regulatory filings and transparent fee structures without forex markup, targeting a $1.3 trillion industry.

When I'm not geeking out over fintech, you'll find me indulging in makeup, building Legos, and unleashing my inner warrior in Mortal Kombat. Weekends are for quality time with my dog, cooking up delicious meals, and just enjoying life. I believe in making connections with people who are passionate about changing the world in their unique ways.

Feel free to reach out to me at uditapal1996 (at) Gmail (dot) com for help with branding, marketing, growth, or just to chat over coffee.

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